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Freelance Book Sourcer

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At least £10 per hour

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Job Description

Book Sourcers play an exciting role in our online bookselling business. Their primary task is, with the help of technology, to locate and buy books which can be profitably re-sold online.

You will spend your time at places where books are sold. These include secondhand bookshops, charity shops, library sales and other bookselling events.

What the job involves:
After initial training, you will travel to outlets for second-hand books, using a hand-held device to evaluate whether books meet our buying criteria. To begin with, guidance will be given on where to go to find books, but as you become more experienced you will be encouraged to develop your own sources and to build up your own relationships with sellers of books. When you have bought a number of books from a book buying trip, you will make arrangements to drop them off and receive payment.

Qualities needed
• Desire and ability to learn new technology
• An outgoing personality that would welcome negotiations with shop managers
• The physical ability to lift and carry boxes of books weighing up to 15 kilos
• Good working knowledge of spoken and written English
• Organisational skills necessary to do basic book-keeping
• Professional conduct and communication with colleagues in the business and with those working at the outlets where book sourcing occurs
• The ability to make changes and adapt to sourcing strategy according to market conditions
• A love of the thrill of the hunt. Book sourcing is like looking for treasure; the motivation to find more books will be crucial to help the Book Sourcer really succeed in this business.

Other things you will need to bring to the table:
• Your own means of transport to places where books can be bought
• Access to a PC with a Internet connection
• An email address

Working hours and rewards:
This a part-time, freelance position. The rate of payment will be a fixed rate per book, and you will be expected to meet all your expenses from this. Although no guarantees can be given, experienced Book Sourcers can expect to earn £10 per hour or more. Your initial target will be to provide 50 books per week, which might take 4-5 hours work. Working hours and the rate of work are flexible, and can be increased as you get more experience, subject to agreement with the Business Owner. It will be entirely up to you when the work takes place.

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