Berkhamsted Solicitors and Lawyers

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There is sometimes confusion between the terms: lawyer, solicitor and barrister. In the UK, lawyer is a broad term encompassing both solicitors and barristers.

Solicitors traditionally deal with any legal matter apart from conducting proceedings in courts (advocacy), with some exceptions. Your Berkhamsted solicitors are qualified to provide legal advice to clients, prepare legal arguments, write legal documents and represent clients in negotiations.

Barristers are also lawyers but traditionally actively participate in court proceedings, arguing cases before a judge.

Types of Solicitors in Berkhamsted

There are a variety of types of solicitors in Berkhamsted and it is important that you ensure you select the right firm of Berkhamsted solicitors to suit your legal requirements. The solicitors’ firms based in and around Berkhamsted range from small local firms to large companies with several offices throughout Hertfordshire.

Some solicitors in Berkhamsted specialise in corporate law and commercial clients will refer to them for advice on litigation law, property, tax and financial aspects of law. Other firms of solicitors work mainly with private clients dealing with personal legal issues such as family law, divorce law, personal injury or industrial disease claims, and drawing up wills.

Choosing a solicitor in Berkhamsted

If you need a solicitor in Berkhamsted for personal or corporate reasons, you need to ensure that you choose one who is experienced in the appropriate area of law that you require. All solicitors must comply with the professional rules and standards laid down by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

Many solicitors firms in Berkhamsted employ several specialist solicitors to ensure that they are up to speed with their specialist area of law e.g. property law and conveyancing. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your solicitor and not be afraid to ask questions. A good working relationship with your Berkhamsted solicitor will pay dividends in the end. Find out how your Berkhamsted solicitor intends to deal with your problem and the potential timescale, ask about costs and whether you are eligible for legal aid.

Use the listings and information under ’Solicitors and Lawyers’ in the InfoBerkhamsted business directory to help you choose your Berkhamsted solicitor.

Legal services in Berkhamsted

Solicitors are not the only people who can provide legal services and advice in Berkhamsted. For example, an accountant may be able to give advice on tax and company law. There are also a variety of advice centres based in and around Berkhamsted who may provide legal help including the Citizens Advice Bureaux. Use the listings and information under ’Voluntary Organisations’ and ’Accountants’ in the Info Berkhamsted business directory to help you choose your Berkhamsted accountant or advice centre.