Organisation of Berkhamsted Schools

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Click on the DIRECTORY to find links to schools in the area. The schools in Berkhamsted are organised in a three tier system - first schools, middle schools and upper schools. This system aims to provide children and young people with the best possible education opportunities throughout their schooling. The schools in Berkhamsted are lively, busy places offering a variety of clubs and activities.

The National Curriculum is the basis of learning in Berkhamsted schools. All schools seek to support everyone including the highly gifted and those who need extra support for special needs. Review the OFSTED reports for each school either directly via or by the links provided by the individual school websites.

First Schools in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Pupils usually start their formal schooling at the age of 4-5 by attending a First School in Berkhamsted. Prior to this many students have attended a nursery or pre school in Berkhamsted. Pupils attend a first school for five years and are carefully nurtured and guided by expert class teachers before moving on to the next stage as experienced, able learners.

First Schools in Berkhamsted include Swing Gate First School, Greenway First School, Westfield First School, Victoria Cof E First School, St Mary’s C of E First School and Potten End C of E First School.

Middle Schools in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Children attend the middle schools in Berkhamsted between the ages of 9 - 13 years. These schools provide the important progression from ’class teaching’ to ’specialist teaching’.

Middle Schools in Berkhamsted include Bridgewater Middle School and the Thomas Coram C of E MIddle School. Children attending the Thomas Coram C of E MIddle School normally transfer at age 11 to the JF Kennedy RC Comprehensive School in Hemel Hempstead.

Upper Schools in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

At the age of 13 pupils transfer to the upper school in Berkhamsted - Ashlyns School - Language College. The upper school in Berkhamsted is designated as a specialist language college. The GCSE and A-Level results at Ashlyns school are consistently of a high standard. Many of the pupils at Ashlyns stay on in full-time education beyond the age of 16 either in Ashlyns Sixth Form with links to Tring School or in colleges of further education.