Camping Equipment and Outdoor Shops in Berkhamsted

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Berkhamsted’s camping and outdoor shops and services are listed in the Info Berkhamsted’s business directory under ’Camping Equipment’ and ’Outdoor Schools and Services’ in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Camping and caravanning holidays have gained in popularity over the last year and many families are now enjoying spending the summer holidays under canvas. It is important to be prepared for all eventualities when camping and caravanning and a visit to your Berkhamsted and Tring camping equipment store will provide you with all the camping equipment you require for your camping holiday including family tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, cooking utensils and other vital camping equipment.

Backpacking Equipment & Lightweight Travel Gear in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

If you are considering backpacking as your next holiday, you will need to explore the vaste array of lightweight backpacking and travel gear for sale in Berkhamsted. Visit the Info Berkhamsted business directory for listings under ’Camping Equipment’ and gain advice from the specialist outdoor shops and suppliers in and around Berkhamsted. Ask advice from your Berkhamsted outdoor experts on all aspects of backpacking and travel including the best rucksacks, footwear, outdoor wear, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, tents, daysacks, security and health travel gear, and all general camping accessories

Outdoor Footwear and Clothing in Berkhamsted and Tring, Hertfordshire

It is vital to have comfortable and waterproof hiking boots and appropriate outdoor clothing when you’re out walking in the Hertfordshire countryside. Both can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the great outdoors around the Berkhamsted region.

Although most people would choose the lightest of outdoor footwear, you must choose outdoor footwear and clothing that is appropriate to the terrain and conditions of the walk you are undertaking. Your outdoor footwear should support and protect your feet throughout the walk and not cause bruising or blisters.

Berkhamsted and region has excellent outdoor shops that not only sell outdoor footwear and clothing but will provide expert advice in choosing outdoor footwear.

Outdoor schools and services in Berkhamsted and Tring, Hertfordshire

The countryside surrounding Berkhamsted and Tring is a ideal environment to base an outdoor school where people of all ages can learn about their local habitat and wildlife encouraging a life long enjoyment of the great outdoors.

The Green School is one such outdoor school based in Berkhamsted and it aims to teaches wilderness living skills, bushcraft and tracking to all ages and abilities in and around Berkhamsted, Tring and surrounding Hertfordshire area. For more details of this outdoor school in Berkhamsted see the business listing under Outdoor Schools and Services in the Info Berkhamsted directory.