No More Ifs Or Buts

  • We can help you identify and achieve your goals for your business and your team's personal career development
  • We work with companies that have skills and culture issues within their team
  • We work extensively with companies who know they need to make large organisational changes such as re-structuring and redundancies
  • We work with business owners that are looking for an exit but need assistance in how to position their business. If in the creative industries, can assist in search and find

Career coaching for the team

We believe that ensuring your team are motivated and focused is vital for the success of the company. Coming from the marketing communications industry, which can be incredibly stressful, it struck us that team wellbeing needed to be addressed before it's too late.

Offering career coaching to your team pro-actively means that your team will find more clarity in their careers and early signs of stress can be seen.

Having someone externally help with this means that the team are a lot more honest. You retain the best and the worst have the confidence to move onto other roles. We work with board level team members, right through to new graduates who have just joined your business. Oh and by the way, if you want to take your development into your own hands, we work with individuals looking to progress their career too!

Culture of continuous learning

Doesn't happen from sending the team on a 1 day training course a year but we get that it's really expensive in lost productivity and course fees. Our lunchtime lessons enable groups of 20 to spend an hour or so a month learning the 3 key things in a variety of topics.

One month it might be time management, another conflict management, another creativity - we plan the year based on the needs of your business.

By having monthly training, in the office, learning skills and approaches that they can try that very afternoon, allows for a more development focused culture without losing productivity and spending obscene amounts of money. Prices are from £20pp per session.

Sustainable growth planning

From experience, we know that it's really easy when you run a business to get sucked into the firefighting and not spend enough time focused on the long-term plan. We go into businesses, review each part against our Don't Just Be methodology and look at how your business can be tweaked to achieve more, more efficiently.

We work with business owners who have taken the business as far as they can or who are looking to exit and need help with the options.

As one of our clients said, they were just bumbling along and we've now made them think properly.

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